Yacine Mahdid

I am an MSc candidate in the Biosignal Interaction and Personhood Technology (BIAPT) Lab at McGill University. I study how to translate the advance in machine-learning and in signal processing into assistive technologies for the benefice of people with communication impairments.

In one of the project, Biomusic, we are developing a portative sonification platform to allow non-communicative user to express their emotion using their physiological signals.

In another project we are actively developing an analysis pipeline to classify unresponsive patients’ consciousness level given their EEG signals.

I believe that we can greatly improve the quality of life of non-communicative individuals by using technology in a way that is directly translatable into easy-to-use tools.


Msc in Neuroscience (McGill)

  • RI-MUHC internal scholarship recipient
  • FRQNT Master scholarships recipient

B.Sc in Neuroscience minor in Computer Science (McGill)

  • Dean’s Honor List
  • NSERC-USRA recipient for Summer 2016 and 2017


Computer Science Tutor:

I am currently offering tutoring in computer science for university students with a range of backgrounds. I meet students on a one-on-one basis or in small group and the services I offer range from explaining theoretical topics (algorithm design, operating system inner-working or discrete mathematics) to giving hands-on programming lesson in various languages (C, Java, Python, Assembly (MIPS and ARM), MATLAB and Html/CSS).

Course tutored in at McGill: COMP 202, COMP 206, COMP250, COMP 273, BMDE 519, ECSE 202.

Softwares maintained:

Competitive Programming Competition

  • MissionHack 2018; Finalist (4th place)
  • HackQC 2018; Finalist and Winner of Prix Spécial Eau

To contact me please send me an email at: yacine.mahdid@mail.mcgill.ca